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FCM is the UK’s only full circle solution for brand merch: from design and production, right through to fulfilment, and everything else in-between.

Imagine a place where you can get all of the following services in one place:

  1. high quality brand merchandise designed from scratch, manufactured to the highest quality
  2. a first-class website fully integrated into a professional logistics warehouse
  3. your orders picked, packed & shipped to your audience worldwide, and4.
  4. all of your customer service needs taken care of.

Well, this is that place!

A chance meeting in 2019 found all of the people in one room together, between them capable of creating one solution with the required skill set and infrastructure to offer a complete (and we mean complete) one-stop solution for brands, influencers and creators to take their merch offering to the next level.

In our early years we collaborated together working with, producing and fulfilling orders for some of the world’s most influential YouTube, TikTok and Instagram sensations. Such was the success, that in 2023 we bought everyone together under one umbrella to create Full Circle Merchandise.

The days of having to source merchandise in one place, find an agency to build a website, source a 3PL to manage logistics and then try and manage them all separately are well and truly over.

We have oodles of expertise to cover every possible requirement. Our sampling and production Director, Bianca, has over 20 years manufacturing experience, and has created for some of the biggest names in the world of social media.

Then we have Bippon, a certified Google Expert and an absolute wizard when it comes to building high performing, functional, and jaw-dropping websites.

Next in line are Paul & Mark, who between them boast over 40 years collective experience in logistics, fulfilment and e-commerce.

All of this expertise is backed up by an experienced back office and warehouse team thus providing our clients the ultimate solution to create and sell merchandise, easily, effectively and without the drama. Simply put, we do exactly what it says on our tin.


How good are we?

Check out some client feedback!

Full Circle have helped us transform our merch from random print on demand drops, to a sustainable all-year-round fashion brand with a reputation of selling unique, sustainable & high quality products. This is more than just “Merch”.

Influencers & Fashion Brand

Influencers & Fashion Brand

Drops used to be such a headache. This one couldn’t have been any smoother, plus our margins were a whole lot better. Thanks Bianca & crew!



OMG this was soooooooo easy! One 30 minute zoom call and boom! Can’t wait to release the next range.



The hoodies went down an absolute storm! We were apprehensive on volumes, but this drop absolutely smashed it.

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